Monday, July 5, 2010

Aqua doodle

Getting aqua doodle for young kids in bulk, anyone interested plz msg me. Original price now is RM38 each with 1 mat and 1 pen. Might be in red or blue depends on availability 10 pieces will get 10% discount. If we manage to get more than 10 then can request for more discount.

What is this?
This is actually similar to those magnetic drawing board for kids but this is using water only. Means ur kids can do hand print, leg prints or whatever print on this mat with only water. After it dry up, can reuse again and again

Some picture capture with my aqua doodle. Please take note that the base is actually white color but due to lighting and my phone camera issue so turns out looks yellowish.

If you observe clearly, there's ABC print at the side of the mat to allow kids to practice writing alphabets.

It depends on how hard you write on the mat. If you observe the star was being written by pressing hardly on mat while the flower is just normal writing. The star took longer time to dry up. Average about 2-4 mins to see the mark dissappear.

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