Sunday, October 27, 2013

Color of the wind

When was the last time I review my life and what I did? I would say ages ago which I can't really able to recall. Was too busy chasing after a lot of things in life, in work, in family and also in every so call important aspect and causes me forgotten about the real ME and real My Love One. Attended my girl's concert last Saturday and the Color of the Wind performance was suddenly wakes me up and I felt like crying when I saw kids on the stage were dancing with different color pieces in such a harmony scene with the song that I was deeply in love with. I was busy looking after younger one thru out the concert and suddenly i was like having the feeling of i left a lot of important things behind which i was just keep on moving/chasing forward for a lot a lot of things which makes me regret of leaving things behind. I was asking myself whether I have made the wrong decision of enrolling my girl 1 year earlier into kindy and makes no turning in the future and also makes her behind schedule compare to the rest in the same batch. This makes me think a day long and night. A sentence in the message book makes me realize "guiding them into the correct path will make them stays on forever". Which i think i'm too protective for my kids and i think making them a good person is much more important than making them an academically excellent person to survive in the society.