Thursday, March 22, 2012

My heart's feeling for the pass two months...

There are so many things happen for the pass two months which I wanted to record down fast before I forget about it.

Job - Yes, I changed my job although the new job is very busy and tiring but I think I'm happier in this new job. Although there are office politics, funny peoples, requirements and deadlines but I think this is why someone is being paid for.

Something touches my heart - Jan Lamb - I was driving to office where I've just drop my child to baby sitter. It was an interview with Jan Lamb where the DJs were asking whether Jan Lamb and Cass Phang were love at first sight(一见钟情)? Jan Lamb's answer was "钟就是钟,但是是终生的终不是钟意的钟..."

Something touches my heart - 8th March - It was a work from home day for me and I was playing with my child and there was the talks session among few ladies on the topic of women day and household thingy. This is from one of the conversation where the lady claims that she only started to look at herself one day when her bra strap fall off because it's just too old and too fragile to support. She realized that she has not been paying attention to herself for too long. She mentioned a lot of women which including herself can buy the best underwear for husband, best diapers for the kids but when was the last time she spend on her best under garments? Where best under garments here doesn't means sexy bras but something can really support a women's body comfortably. Which this is really true, and it makes me think about when was the last time I pampered myself physically and mentally? When was the last time my mother pampered herself physically and mentally?